E-II Fogger


The heavy duty, electric E-II cold aerosol fogger is a well-balanced, light-weight unit designed for use with prefilled chemical cartridges. This ULV unit produces optimum size droplets (one to thirty microns) to allow a uniform coverage of insecticide over target areas making the E-II the ideal tool for initial services/clean outs.

Chemical is dispensed from a 34 oz. pre-filled chemical cartridge or 16 oz. refillable cartridge (E-II plus). The E-II's fixed flow rate provides the professional operator with an accurate chemical application of 1 ounce per minute. Because this chemical is dispensed at the optimum droplet size, the possibility of oil slicks or wetting is virtually eliminated, when applied according to label directions.

  • Height 35cm 14"
  • Length 26.3cm 10"
  • Shipping Weight 7.5kg 13.5lbs
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