Foamer Simpson

Handy, Pump-up Foamer Delivering Rich, Thick Foam for a Fraction of the Cost Versus Power Foamers
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Get thick, rich foam for a fraction of the cost with Foamer Simpson™. The manual pump construction saves money versus power foamers while producing foam similar to shaving cream for measurable results and quality service. The Foamer Simpson™ is ideal for use with InVade™ Bio Foam™ or any other foaming product.

  • The new 2016 design Foamer Simpson is more durable and simpler to use!
  • The pumping mechanism is more durable with a metal insert.
  • The hose mechanism has been replaced with a heavier duty hose and a more durable metal hose barb connecting it to the gun.
  • The adjustment valve has been eliminated and the air uptake is now calibrated to yield the foam thickness ideal for InVade Bio Foam treatments.
  • Durable plastic construction and light weight make servicing job sites easy and reliable
  • 2 gallon capacity
  • Includes fan spray nozzle and 18” extension wand
  • Every part is available should a replacement be necessary
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