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Picture of Genus Spectra LED Compact
Genus Spectra LED Compact
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Genus Spectra Sleeved

The Genus® Spectra products have been designed for high UVA output to achieve the quickest flying insect catch rate. Increasing customer awareness has lead to a demand for higher levels of hygiene and food safety.

The Genus® Spectra products feature uniquely positioned lamps to maximize the UVA output and ensure flies head unobstructed, straight for the discreetly placed Brandenburg universal glue board. Finished with an attractively designed hinged screen, the Genus® Spectra products not only boast powerful performance, but also ensures ease of servicing and complete discretion.

Engineered by the market leading designers at Brandenburg, the Genus® Spectra and Genus® Spectra Compact use the latest innovations in operation, incorporating 1 or 2 x 36 W lamps powered by electronic ballast. The result is an energy saving of up to 10% and a higher level of performance in comparison to other similar traps in the market place.

The innovative design features and powerful performance of the Genus® Spectra and Genus® Spectra Compact result in a fast reduction in flying insect populations and immediate improvement in food safety critical and customer environments. Suitable for use in both sensitive areas and for locations with heavy flying insect activity

  • Maximum attraction: Uniquely positioned 1 or 2 x 36 W lamps for faster catch rates
  • High catch rate: The combination of the screen design and angled glue boards results in a high catch rate
  • Easy to service: Hinged screen provides easy to access both hands free consumables replacement
  • Innovative design: Slim-profile, lightweight and stylishly designed screen for both front and back of house locations
  • Reduced running costs: Electronic ballast eliminates replacement starters reducing energy and running costs
  • Discretion in public areas: Unique design, silent operation and out-of-sight catch area for total discretion
  • Sanitary and compliant: Large glue board surface for easy disposal of catch and full HACCP program compliance
  • Flexible placement: Horizontal, vertical or corner wall mounting and free standing options offers flexibility in location.
  • Dimensions:
    • Compact: H: 6.4 in. | W: 20.7 in. | D: 2.7 in.
    • Standard: H: 12.5 in. | W: 20.4 in. | D: 2.7 in.
  • Weight:
    • Compact: 4.45 lb.
    • Standard: 6.62 lb.
  • LED:
    • Compact: 1x36
    • Standard: 2x36 
  • Areas of Applications:
    • Restaurants & Cafés
    • Food Processing Plants
    • Supermarkets & Retailers
    • Hospitality Sector
    • Office Spaces
    • Hospitals & Laboratories
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