Jacto HD-400 Power Sprayer

Extremely popular with landscape professionals and organic farmers
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Our very durable HD400 is extremely popular with landscape professionals and organic farmers. The 4-gallon (16-liter) HD400 has an internal mechanical agitator that does an excellent job of keeping powdered chemicals such as kaolin clay organic insecticides in suspension, as well as liquid chemical additives. The HD400 was independently tested for more than 1,500 continuous hours of operation with no breakdowns and the Jacto HD400 is easily converted for either right-hand or left-hand operation. Plus it only takes 6 handle pumps to achieve 45 psi, reducing operator fatigue. The HD400 has a convenient carry handle built into the top of the tank, a handle lock and spray lance lock to make it easy to transport from job to job. We are pleased to offer you two color combinations for the HD400. The white/orange option is equipped with a Viton® piston cup, a choice for users who will spray caustic chemicals. Our HD400 blue features a piston cup made from Santoprene®, which offers a longer wear life than the Viton® option. 3-year warranty, see owners manual for details.

  • Versatility: Two axle positions for the pump lever are available for either right or left hand operation. A lever lock to the pump rod is also included, eliminating the handle falling down when in transit.
  • Heavy duty Poly piston pump: Volume: 30.4 oz (900 ml) and piston cup diameter: 45 mm
  • Piston pump contained within the tank, eliminating the possibility of leakage on the operator
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