Jacto PJB-20 Backpack Sprayer

The worlds most advanced battery powered backpack sprayer.
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The PJB-16 and PJB-20 are the worlds most advanced battery powered backpack sprayers. With almost four years of development by Jacto, these ergonomically designed and lightweight sprayers are a marvel of engineering. The 4 gallon PJB-16 and the 5 gallon PJB-20 are the right sprayers for the end user who needs accuracy and efficiency for the on target delivery of their spray solution. With such features as, hydraulic agitation, multiple pressure settings, a walking pace (speed) indicator and built in self diagnostics, the PJB16 or PJB-20 is the right sprayer for everyone... from the Market Farmer, Commercial Greenhouse Grower to busy Landscape Professional. These models are equipted with an easy to change rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Depending on flow rates and pressures, typical battery run times per charge average about 8 hours and go as high as 12+ hours. The PJB-16 and PJB-20 are capable of spraying horizontally up to 30 feet and heights up to 25 feet with a stream pattern on the high pressure setting.

  • Panel: Controls and monitors your PJB
  • Hydraulic agitator that keeps the liquids homogeneous, improving even more your application.
  • Constant Pressure: The PJB pressure is constant regardless of the battery charge level. Keeping the same flow rate, drop size and opening angle of the nozzle, allowing a homogeneous spray from start to finish
  • Removable Battery: Easy installation and removal. Full charge in only 4 hours. More than 50 gallons of application with one battery. Using the JSF 02 yellow nozzle)
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