JD-9-C Heavy-duty Spray Gun w/ 38602 Tip

High Pressure Spray Gun known for its quality and dependability.
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The Hudson GES-505 spray gun is your best, lower cost value! For those times when low cost counts most, the GES-505 is a good spray gun that is priced right for bigger savings.

  • Reliable — A proven design, ruggedly built with precision machined parts from the highest quality materials. Ample supply of interchangeable parts assures you years of service under professional, demanding conditions. Less expensive in the long run because it will last far longer than cheaper spray guns.

  • Easy, Comfortable to use — Ergonomically designed with the user in mind. Use it all day without tiring. Trigger lock for continuous spraying.

  • Highly versatile so it can be used for all kinds of applications — With the JD9 spray gun, you can quickly adjust your spray from an extremely fine mist to a pencil-thin, jet-like stream. Choice of 10 different tips and nozzles for make it right for pest control, herbicide and fertilizer applications.

  • Gun is adaptable for use with our root feeder and can be fitted with Spraying Systems wands and nozzles.

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