Nara Bloc

Allergen free rodent monitoring

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Allergen-management has become a major topic in many food product companies.

NARA® is the first allergen free monitor, which is especially designed for this specific purpose.

Law as well as many food standards now prohibit the use of anticoagulants for monitoring purposes. Only after the determination of rodent activity anticoagulants may be used subject to stringent restrictions. Common monitoring blocks have critical disadvantage as they serve as food for rodents, helping them to survive and increasing the risk of a rising reproduction. Moreover, most common blocks are prone to mould formation in damp areas. In other areas they are often infested by non-target organisms, e.g. flour beetles, cockroaches, bristletails, moths, ants and snails in any outdoor station. This simply makes it impossible to determine the rodent species that infested the Bloc with organic bait. With NARA® Bloc you can specify according to visible bite marks in the material.

NARA® Bloc lasts 3 up to 12 months in any environment in- and outdoors and therefore beats the features of any organic monitor, such as Detex or others. In 2016 NARA® has grown to be the go-to solution for food or pharma sites but also for any outdoor environment, in which rodenticide monitoring was forbidden due to secondary poisoning, restrictions by law or standards. Further the worlds biggest sanctuaries (New Zealand) rely upon NARA® for professional monitoring in toughest rain forest conditions (see press-section for official tests).

Winning the best product award in 2015 proved once more the demand for high quality non-toxic alternatives like NARA®.

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