Nectus 2G Second Generation Rodenticide (16-lb. pail)

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JT Eaton's Nectus 2G Soft Bait is a second generation bait (single feed bait for a lethal dosage). Nectus is a soft bait containing 005% Bromadiolone. Made of oil scented compounds, this is moist, tasty and palatable rodent bait. It is especially suited for rodents which are reluctant to take other baits and for places where there is a source of competing food. It is even more palatable than food material found in food warehouses and stables. The moisture content in Nectus 2G Second Generation makes in an ideal bait for use indoors where water is not as available to rodents.

  • Nectus 2G Soft Bait is more palatable than food mixtures in food warehouses and in stables
  • Moist bait provides high palatability, especially indoors where waster is not available to rodents.
  • Oil scented compounds cause the bait to remain moist, tasty and palatable for longer
  • Especially suited for rodents which are reluctant to take other baits
  • Especially suitable for places where a lot of food is available.
  • Contains Bitrex-to discourage pets and children from consuming the bait.
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