Nibor-D + IGR


Picture of Nibor-D + IGR (21 oz.)
Nibor-D + IGR (21 oz.)
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Picture of Nibor-D + IGR (6 x 21 oz.)
Nibor-D + IGR (6 x 21 oz.)
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The dual active ingredients in Nibor-D® Insecticide Foam + IGR include borate-based Nibor-D insecticide plus pyriproxyfen, an insect growth regulator (IGR), for the overall control of pests. It is ideal for the control of small flies and cockroaches in both residential and commercial accounts.

As a ready-to-use foam, Nibor-D + IGR can be applied quickly and easily to many of the problem areas where small flies and cockroaches live. It is designed for a fast, easy application that ensures deep and even penetration to any void, drain, crack and crevice and is also suitable for non-food surfaces. Each 21 oz. can has an up-down valve for 360º application, as well as two interchangeable actuators. The full cone spray actuator is used for regular spray applications in areas of commercial kitchens where grime builds-up including under equipment, around equipment table legs and into waste containers after they are emptied. The drain actuator also includes a 17” detachable semi-rigid hose for reaching past p-traps (if present) and for foaming deep into drains and pipes, as well as into other hard-to-reach areas where pests live and breed.

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