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The Pro-Pest R.T.U. Clothes Moth Traps are pre-baited with Tineola bisselliella pheromone to attract the Webbing Clothes Moth. Tineola bisselliella is a major pest in clothing and textiles. Their larvae feed on the protein found in wool, leather, silk and feathers. They eat away at the fabric and create holes. Because they reproduce quickly, an infestation can become out of control before you know it!

Pro-Pest’s R.T.U. Clothes Moth Trap is a discreet and effective pre-baited glue trap that monitors and detects infestations at an early stage. It effectively traps the male webbing clothes moth, Tineola bisselliella, without the need for using insecticides. The trap is odorless to humans and operates around the clock, releasing pheromones for a 10 – 12 week period. Replace traps every 12 weeks or when traps are full. Note that consistent trap catch of clothes moths is an indication of an infestation.


  1. Remove the release paper covering the glue and fold the trap into the triangular shape as shown in the diagram.
  2. Write the date on the trap.
  3. Place the trap on a shelf in your closet, bedroom or anywhere clothes moths have been seen.
  4. Check the trap on a regular basis.
  5. Replace trap when full or in 12 weeks.

The triangular shape makes this trap versatile. The flat bottom allows placement on shelves or other flat surfaces. The trap is also hole punched for easy hanging with a twist tie.

Can be used in and around Commercial & Residential buildings, Homes, Apartments, Museums, Clothing Shops, Carpet warehouses or anywhere that is textile dense.

Trap Size (Folded): 4.5″ x 3.75″ x 3.25″

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