Talon G Bait Pack Rodenticide (2 x 150 x 25-gm. pails)

Acceptance, Durability and Control = Performance
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Utilizes the power of a second generation anticoagulant in a mini-pellet formulation that’s preferred for its high acceptance, efficacy and broad label.

Talon®-G rodenticide maintains one of the highest acceptance rates among rodenticides and contains brodifacoum, a second-generation anticoagulant that provides effective control with a single feeding.

Key Features
  • Contains brodifacoum, which is effective against both warfarin-resistant rats and mice with a single feeding
  • Unique mini-pellets have been proven to be highly attractive to rodents, especially mice
  • Talon-G bait packs allow scent to filter out but keep moisture from coming in
Key Benefits
  • Single feeding reduces exposure and cost, limiting bait shyness
  • Mini-pellet formulation is made of a high-quality grain base and has one of the highest acceptance rates among rodenticides
  • The bait stays fresh longer for increased rodent attraction both indoors and outdoors
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