VC 4000-C Commercial Steam Cleaner

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The VC4000-C, (sometimes called the VS4000-C) continuous fill vapor steam cleaner is truly a powerful commercial grade steamer. The 4000-C features a continuous fill steam generation system with a massive 1800-WATT, 120Volt heating core.. What is continuous fill? Simply put a continuous fill vapor steam cleaner has two tanks. One is steam generation tank (boiler) and the other is the cold water refill tank. Since the refill tank is NOT pressurized you have to ability to fill it even while working and without shutting the steamer off. Gone are the days of having to cool the steamer down before refilling it.

This powerful time saving feature can save countless man hours on the job and ultimately, save you money. The 4000-C also comes in with an integrated super heated, hot water injection system. With a press of a button (located right on the steam gun) you can spray out either super heated dry vapor steam, super heated water or both at the same time for superior cleaning and rinsing. Now that's power! The steam flow is fully (100%) adjustable. The 4000-C also features an extra long 9 foot steam hose for added convenience. It is light weight and fully portable, so much so that it can even fit on the front seat of your car or truck. This compact powerhouse will make a great addition to any professionals arsenal of tools. All in all, this rugged, stainless steel vapor steam cleaner is truly a professional grade industrial use machine.

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