XLure R.T.U. MST Beetle Trap Replacement Cartridges (10 count)

Replacement cartridge contains multiple pheromones
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XLure R.T.U. MST Beetle Replacement Cartridges contain a combination of multiple beetle pheromones, highly specialized patented food lures and a filter paper soaked in various grain oils (also an attractant) cartridge liner to attract:

  • Cigarette Beetle
  • Sawtoothed Grain Beetle
  • Drug Store Beetle
  • Merchant Grain Beetle
  • Red Flour Beetle
  • Confused Flour Beetle
  • Khapra Beetle
  • Warehouse Beetle
  • Grain/Granary Weevil
  • Rice Weevil
  • Maize Weevil
  • Flour Mite

Replace the cartridges every 6 – 8 weeks or earlier if full. Cartridges are sold in boxes of 10. Each cartridge is sealed to ensure it reaches you at peak attractiveness

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