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SX BaitSafe

BaitSafeā„¢ is a revolutionary new product to compliment or replace conventional methods of surface baiting
From $29.35

SX Fly Inn

Designed specifically with moths and fruit flies in mind, this unit features a handy hook for easy placement and is easy to service using interchangeable sticky glue pads.
From $14.22

SX Glue Book

Designed to allow rats and mice to be caught quickly and effectively, gluebooks are ideal for situations where traditional baiting methods are unsuitable.
From $11.66

SX Pre-Baited Glue Pads

Pre-baited gluepads for use with the SX Fly Inn.
From $10.03

SX Tunnel

This robust rat station is ideal for compact areas where space is tight, making it ideal for use between pallets.
From $4.60
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