FMC Corporation

BaseLine Insecticide

From termite prevention to total protection.
From $191.18

CB-40 Insecticide

From $17.46

CB-80 Insecticide

The industry’s best-selling 0.5% pyrethrin + PBO synergist flushing and contact insecticide.
From $23.81

Cynoff EC Insecticide

Powerful cleanout control of cockroaches and over 20 other pests.
From $55.00

Cynoff Insecticide Dust

From $19.62


Hit wood-destroying insects where it counts.
From $15.44


Deltamethrin in the convenience of a residual aerosol.
From $12.50

Dos Flea and Crawling Insect Spray

From $13.24

Dragnet SFR Termiticide/Insecticide

Powered by Permethrin. Preferred by Professionals.
From $78.05

EndZone Insecticide Sticker

The little square that has big implications for your fly control accounts
From $47.79

Invader Insecticide


Control roaches, fleas and other infestations
From $8.82

Purge III Insecticide

From $16.20

Residual Fogger

Control roaches, fleas and other infestations
From $7.76

Stingray Wasp and Hornet Jet Spray

Take down stinging insects instantly.
From $9.05

Talstar Insecticide (16-oz. can)

The industry’s most trusted brand in the convenience of an aerosol.

Talstar PL Granular Insecticide (25-lb. bag)

Trusted perimeter control.

Talstar Professional

Dependable insect control designed with pros in mind.
From $29.64

Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide (25-lb. bag)

All the XTRAs Come Standard. Eliminate Fire Ants and Other Outdoor Pests in Record Time
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