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Spectrum Bulb - 40 watt, 48-in.

From $9.19

Spred-Rite G Granule Spreader

From $35.32

Stick All Mouse & Insect Trap

Durable polystyrene construction. Easy to clean and user friendly. Virtually indestructible. Safe and economical.
From $7.88

STUF-FIT Copper Mesh

From $13.85

Super Plugs

Leader in Termite Drill Hole Repair Plugs
From $16.67

SX BaitSafe

BaitSafeā„¢ is a revolutionary new product to compliment or replace conventional methods of surface baiting
From $29.35

SX Fly Inn

Designed specifically with moths and fruit flies in mind, this unit features a handy hook for easy placement and is easy to service using interchangeable sticky glue pads.
From $14.22

SX Tunnel

This robust rat station is ideal for compact areas where space is tight, making it ideal for use between pallets.
From $4.60

Sylvania F15/T12/350BL/500/PH Bulb

From $11.70

Sylvania F15/T8/350BL Bulb - 15 watt, 18 -in.

From $25.64

Sylvania F18/T12/350BL/700/PH Bulb - 32 watt, 18 in.

From $11.43

Synergetic bulb - 15 watt, 18-in.

Developed to attract a much wider range of flying insects than traditional blue UV lamps.
From $7.54

Synergetic bulb - 18 watt, 24-in.

Easily recognised by their glowing green light, the range of Synergetic tubes have been developed to attract a much wider range of flying insects than traditional blue UV lamps.
From $5.74

Synergetic Circline Bulb - 22 watt

From $9.69

Temp Vent Automatic Foundation Vent - Series 6

From $31.03

Temp Vent Powered Foundation Vent

From $198.81

Temp-Vent Vent Well

From $39.32

Terminator Replacement Cartridge

From $24.05

The Boss Backpack Sprayer

Unmatched Flexibility
From $365.00

The Clear Puffer Duster

For Dust/Granular Applications
From $13.90

Trapper 24/7 iQ

Sleek, Durable Multiple Catch Mouse Trap, Now with Sensor
From $29.12

Trapper Hidden Kill Mouse Trap

A Better, More Professional Way to Trap Mice
From $1.37

Trapper T-Rex iQ

Superior Rat Trap, Now with Sensor
From $21.76

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