FlowZone 0 Degree Stream Nozzle - Red

FlowZone Quick Change 0-degree Pin Nozzle for high hard to reach areas lets you get the maximum reach out of your chosen FlowZone sprayer.

FlowZone 21V/1Ah Battery Charger

for Typhoon 2

FlowZone 3.6v/2.6A Spray Gun

Replacement spray gun for Flowzone electric backpack sprayers Trigger lock for easier spraying, quick disconnect for easy removal of spray wand

FlowZone Backpack Straps

FlowZone® ComfortStraps™ provide next level comfort when carrying a heavy load. These durable, padded straps are covered in breathable mesh to promote air flow. A wide waist strap helps distribute the weight of your sprayer while the chest strap provides added stability.

FlowZone Battery Cover

Replacement battery cover for 4-gallon FlowZone sprayers. The sealed design improves water resistance and increases protection of the battery. NOTE: Battery sold separately

FlowZone Bottom Wand Holster

Bottom wand holster with drainage holes for residual liquid when storing spray

FlowZone Storm 2.5 Variable Pressure 5-Position Battery Backpack Sprayer

Notable for its compact 2.5-gallon size, this sprayer allows you to easily maneuver in smaller spaces while retaining spraying power
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