Allure Electric Flykiller

Proven to have 67.7% greater UV light output than traditional electric flykillers.
From $284.16

Aura Decorative Flykiller

Stylish and contemporary. the Aura™ decorative flykiller is an ultra discreet unit designed for front-of-house applications.
From $151.78

Aura Decorative Flykiller Glueboards

From $18.26

D-Light Discreet + Commercial Glueboards

From $16.46

Edge Flykiller

Developed to be the most effective glueboard flykiller on the market.
From $221.84

Edge Flykiller Glueboards

Glupac® glueboards are designed to perfectly complement your decorative flykiller, offering consistently high standards of performance and quick servicing times.
From $25.82
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