PlusLamp bulb - 18 watt, 24-in.

Offering superb value, the PlusLamp™ range offers users a wide choice of 368nm blue UV lamps in both standard or shatterproof options.
From $14.68

PlusLamp bulb - 30 watt, 18-in.

From $17.01

PlusLamp Bulb - 40 watt, 48-in.

From $12.29

PlusZap Electric Flykiller

Contemporary aesthetic combined with high specification features, creating a stylish killing grid range ideal for commercial environments.
From $158.59

Satalite Decorative Flykiller Glueboards

Glupac® glueboards are designed to perfectly complement your Insect-O-Cutor glueboard or decorative flykiller, offering consistently high standards of performance and quick servicing times.
From $16.07
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