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Luralite Pro Decorative Flykiller

Developed as a highly effective but discreet solution for insect control.
From $142.24

Nectar Decorative Flykiller

Offers a highly effective in-counter solution to unsightly wasps and fruit flies, providing versatile installation and simple servicing as well as offering a wall mounted uplighter solution.
From $137.99

PlusZap Electric Flykiller

Contemporary aesthetic combined with high specification features, creating a stylish killing grid range ideal for commercial environments.
From $110.86

Pro-Ketch Junior Multiple Catch Mousetrap

The same perfection found in Pro-Ketch® with a new perspective
From $8.37

Pro-Ketch Junior Protector

From $12.37

Pro-Ketch Multiple Catch Mousetrap

Reduces Service Time, Which Saves Time and Money
From $10.22

Pro-Ketch Protector

From $22.37

Pro-Pest Minigard Bait Station (50 count)

….Rugged, Versatile & Economical

Quest Basic Metered Dispenser

From $33.60

RG-1002/RG-1002T Corner Mounted Electric Trap

Corner or Flat Wall Mount, Industrial
From $301.47

Snap-E Mousetrap

Snap-E® traps resist stains and odors, are easy to clean and provide simple, safe and sanitary rodent control.
From $1.78

Snap-E Mousetrap Cover

From $37.97

Stick All Mouse & Insect Trap

Durable polystyrene construction. Easy to clean and user friendly. Virtually indestructible. Safe and economical.
From $7.88

STUF-FIT Copper Mesh

From $13.85

SX BaitSafe

BaitSafe™ is a revolutionary new product to compliment or replace conventional methods of surface baiting
From $29.35

SX Fly Inn

Designed specifically with moths and fruit flies in mind, this unit features a handy hook for easy placement and is easy to service using interchangeable sticky glue pads.
From $14.22

SX Tunnel

This robust rat station is ideal for compact areas where space is tight, making it ideal for use between pallets.
From $4.60

Synergetic Circline Bulb - 22 watt

From $9.69

Tip-Trap Live Capture Mousetrap (24 count)

Made of polypropylene. Resistant to stains and odors. Tip-Traps® are easy to clean and can be reused or disposed of after mouse is caught.

Victor Catch & Hold Mice Trap

From $5.30

WS-85 Wall Sconce Adhesive Trap

Decorative, Discrete
From $126.36

WS-95 Decorative Wall Sconce Adhesive Trap

From $131.62

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