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B&G Flex-A-Lite - 1241 Upper Barb (Plastic)

for Flex-A-Lite Foggers

Backpack, Jacto 4 Gal Man Org

Recognized by farmers for its quality and durability throughout the world, Jacto is now offering this new version: the Jacto HD-400U. This remarkable sprayer offers the tradition of the Jacto backpacks, but is uniquely equipped for spraying urban environments in pest control and sanitization. This sprayer was developed to meet the request of professionals who need special seals, for greater resistance to chemical attack associated with pest-control chemicals. The Jacto HD-400U has anti-corrosion paint on the pump rod and handle, a stainless-steel spray lance and a high-capacity pressure chamber, which allows for less pumping frequency while maintaining pressure for longer time periods.

Bait Block - Apple Flavor

From $19.88

Bait Block - Peanut Butter Flavor

From $19.88

Barricor SP

Affordable Innovation for Frequent Maintenance Applications on Complex Surfaces
From $47.50

BaseLine Insecticide

From termite prevention to total protection.
From $207.87

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