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Elephant Size Glue Trap

Eaton Elephnt G/B Xlg(2/Ctn)
From $7.79


Can be Used for Burrow Baiting Beyond 100
From $80.88

FASTRAC Place Pacs

One of Our Fastest-Acting Rodenticides
From $58.90

FINAL All-Weather BLOX

Extruded Bait with Brodifacoum
From $98.21

FINAL Rodenticide Place Pacs (291 x 0.88-oz. pack)

Pelleted Bait in easy to use place pac sachets

FINAL Soft Bait with Lumitrack (484 x 15-gm. sachet)

Soft Bait Developed for Sustained Palatability

FirstStrike Soft Bait

From $140.07

FORMUS All-Weather BLOX (18-lb. pail)

15g Brodifacoum BLOX controls mice

Generation Mini Blocks

From $102.50

InVite Fruit Fly Lure

From $8.19

LIQUA-TOX II (4 x 8 x 1.68-oz. pouch)

Water Soluble Liquid Bait

Maki Mini Blocks

From $71.99

Mole & Gopher Repellent Granules

From $7.35

Nara Liquid

From $12.35

Nara Lure

From $72.06

NoTox Mini Blocks

From $44.43

P.C.Q. Pro Bait (12-lb. pail)

Burrow Bait for Voles and More

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