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116-in. Pro Line Handle

From $11.60

125-in. Double Sided Pro Line Handle

From $10.80

2.5-in. Pro Scraper

From $5.15

960 Vector Fruit Fly Trap

From $78.08

Advantage Fly Banquet

From $16.08

Advantage Fly Trap

From $17.92

Advantage Ground Hanger

From $3.46

Advantage Wall Hanger

From $3.15

Advantage Yellow Jacket Trap

From $16.54

Ants-No-More Ant Bait Station

Highly tamperproof, waterproof, and due to its design the bait will not spill out of the entry points
From $2.84

Big Snap-E Rat Trap

Resists stains and odors, easy to clean and can be reused for years of rodent control. Simple, safe, sanitary and built to last.
From $4.36

Catchmaster 622 The Claw Easy Set Rat Snap Trap

From $2.51

Catchmaster 812B Pantry Pest Moth Glue Trap

From $4.74

Catchmaster 907 Glue Board

From $21.90

Catchmaster 908P GLOstik Flying Insect Trap

From $9.22

Catchmaster 909 Glue Board

From $21.90

Catchmaster 909 Glue Board

From $41.69

Catchmaster 918 Pro Pack

From $8.34

Catchmaster 922P GLOstik Refill Pack

From $6.15

Catchmaster 960PLL Glue Board

From $15.38

Catchmaster 961PLS Glue Board

From $14.25

Catchmaster SilenTrap Flying Insect Trap

From $23.06

Catchmaster SilenTrap Glue Boards

From $9.18

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