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Tandem Insecticide

The simplicity of one product, the versatility and breadth of two active ingredients
From $116.91

Taurus SC

From $42.50

Taurus Trio G (30-lb. bag)

Granular Insecticide for Lawns, Turfgrass and Landscape Areas

Tekko 0.2G

Controlled Release Granular Mosquito Larvicide
From $10.50

Tekko Pro

From $40.99

Tempo 1% Dust

Ready-to-use dust effective against bedbugs and stinging insects.
From $26.73

Tempo SC Ultra

Fast-acting insect control, even Emerald Ash Borer.
From $57.89

Tempo Ultra WP

Immediate knockdown long residual insecticide.
From $97.32

Tempo Ultra WSP

Immediate knockdown long residual insecticide.
From $118.29

Temprid FX

Exceptional strength and flexibility for knockdown and long-lasting control of hard-to-kill pests.
From $4.41

Temprid SC

This product is discontinued and has been replaced with Temprid FX.

Termidor SC

Perimeter Pest Control
From $74.69

Terro PCO Liquid Ant Killer

From $7.65

Tim-Bor Insecticide and Fungicide

From $9.18

Top Choice (50-lb. bag)

Provides single-application control of fire ants up to a full year.

Transport GHP Insecticide

Combat ants and other general pests like never before.
From $78.57

Transport Mikron

The Clear Choice for Superior Pest Control
From $57.07

TRAPPER Monitor & Insect Trap (100 count)

Traps & Monitors Insects

Trelona ATBS

Take Control of your bait stations
From $305.00

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