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Talstar XTRA Granular Insecticide (25-lb. bag)

All the XTRAs Come Standard. Eliminate Fire Ants and Other Outdoor Pests in Record Time

Tandem Insecticide

The simplicity of one product, the versatility and breadth of two active ingredients
From $116.91

Taurus SC

From $42.50

Taurus Trio G (30-lb. bag)

Granular Insecticide for Lawns, Turfgrass and Landscape Areas

Tekko Pro

From $40.18

Tempo 1% Dust

Ready-to-use dust effective against bedbugs and stinging insects.
From $26.20

Tempo SC Ultra

Fast-acting insect control, even Emerald Ash Borer.
From $56.20

Tempo Ultra WP

Immediate knockdown long residual insecticide.
From $94.49

Tempo Ultra WSP

Immediate knockdown long residual insecticide.
From $114.85

Temprid FX

Exceptional strength and flexibility for knockdown and long-lasting control of hard-to-kill pests.
From $4.28

Temprid SC

This product is discontinued and has been replaced with Temprid FX.

Termidor SC

Perimeter Pest Control
From $74.69

Terro PCO Liquid Ant Killer

From $7.65

Tim-Bor Insecticide and Fungicide

From $8.74

Topchoice (50-lb. bag)

Provides single-application control of fire ants up to a full year.

Transport GHP Insecticide

Combat ants and other general pests like never before.
From $64.29

Transport Mikron

The Clear Choice for Superior Pest Control
From $55.43

TRAPPER Monitor & Insect Trap (100 count)

Traps & Monitors Insects

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